Certification and Awards

Technology Certification and Test Report

  • Reliability Test Report_DW-S450
  • Broadcasting Communication Equipment Test Report 2017
  • Dongwoo Engineering Co., Ltd DW-CCK100 KC Certification
  • Mini Keeper KC Certification Documentation
  • Blood Transportation IoT Certification (SKT)
  • Water Level Regulator (Specified Small Power Wireless Device_IRF4020P) KC Certification
  • Exceptional Invention Priority Purchase Recommendation Confirmation
  • Appointment certification as an innovative product of a real-time remote management system (water level regulator) of small-scale water facilities

Patents details

  • Simple water supply facility remote management system and operation method
  • SID tag reader device and certification method
  • Gas measurement in which quantitative air injection is possible through the control of constant voltage
  • Ventilation Control Unit and Control Method
  • Optical Cable Splice Closure information management device and method
  • Gas pollution concentration measurement device and measurement method
  • Air pollution detection monitoring system
  • Logistics monitoring system and its method through the complex sensor
  • Smart keeper which has real-time two-way communication functions with the smartphone and its operation method
  • Smart switchboard for small-scale water facilities
  • Local communication device for small-scale water facilities
  • Secure a freight transportation system using complex sensors
  • Water supply facility management device

Governmental Commendation

  • 2021 Health Care Prize
  • Presidential Commendation
  • Governor of Chung-Cheong Nam Do Province Commendation
  • Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy Award