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Cold Chain Monitoring

Real-time Cold Chain Monitoring Transportation System

Mini Keeper

Mini KeeperThe mini keeper alone can only be used as a thermograph

Temperature Measuring Range Internal (-10℃~60℃) / External (-40℃~125℃)
Wireless Communication Method Bluetooth
Battery Type 2 AAA Batteries
Bluetooth Connection Range 30M (98ft)
  • · Data transmission system from 1 device to many devices through BlueTooth
  • · An easy-to-use AAA battery type
  • · Easy storage due to the small size of the device
  • · Data can be stored for up to a maximum of 20 days according to the record intervals
  • · Able to be adjusted between 10 seconds / 30 seconds / 1 minute / 2 minutes / 5 minutes / 10 minutes / 30 minutes
Cold Chain Keeper

Cold Chain Keeper

Illumination Sensor 1 ~ 65535 lx
Temperature Measurement Range/Number of Devices -200℃~50℃ / 1 device
Temperature Sensor Type RTD
Acceleration Sensor 1 Sensor (3 axis max 16G)
Location Measurement GPS
Wireless Communication Method wCDMA, Bluetooth, LTE
Battery Type Lithium-polymer (built-in)
Battery Capacity 2650mAh
  • · Measures super-low temperatures up to -200℃
  • · Data on GPS, temperature, humidity, illuminance, and vibration is collectible
  • · Operates for a maximum of 2 days due to its large capacity built-in battery
  • · Able to be used while being turned on at all times / compatible with an external battery pack
IoT GateWay

IoT GateWayNeeded to upload data to the server

User Environment Warehouse and Direct Delivery Method
Connection Capacity Optimized for 50 devices / Maximum 300 devices
Transmission Method Real-time Data Transmission
Monitoring Private server supported
  • · The data of the mini keeper can be transmitted at once
Mobile App

Mobile AppNeeded to upload data to the server

User Environment 3rd Party Delivery (Parcel)
Connection Capacity Optimized for 20 devices / Maximum 30 devices
Transmission Method For more than Android version 9.0
Monitoring Private server supported
  • · Batch Transmission of internally stored temperature date

Features of the Cold Chain Monitoring System of Dongwoo Engineering Co., Ltd

LTE Communication based Real-Time Monitoring System

Mini Keeper → Gateway [Bluetooth]
Gateway → Server [LTE]

A measurement and storage and warning transmission system of 5 Types of Data, Real-time temperature / humidity / location / illumination / vibration, etc.

A system that allows for the connection and data transmission of up to 50 optimal devices and a maximum of 300 devices on one IoT Gateway

※ Dongwoo’s monitoring product was used for GC Green Cross’s vaccine transportation in 2022 (8000 Mini-Keepers)