Cold Chain Technology

Cold Chain technology is a low-temperature distribution system in which a product can be transported from its place of production to the final place of consumption by maintaining a low temperature while keeping it fresh, and is used in various industries and its use is becoming more and more important.

Cold Chain Technology
  • Blood/tissue

  • Medicine

  • Body organs

  • Marine products

  • Meat

  • Fruits

  • Dairy products

The Necessity for Smart Cold Chain Technology and Monitoring

Necessity 01

Requirement of advanced cold chain technology across the pharmaceutical, cold chain, and distribution industry

Necessity 02

The obligation and recording of the production, and storage environment of biological formulation

Necessity 03

Control and integrated management of production, transport, storage, and other events

Necessity 04

Strengthening of the work efficiency and elevation of internal and external reliability and image of the company

Cold Change Integrated Maintenance and Management

Gateway is used
through the Vaccine storage IOT equipment or APP

Main Functions

  • Applicable on all vehicles right away

  • GPS-based real-time location transmission

  • Detection of temperature and humidity change along with the transported goods

  • Sudden vibration occurrence of the vehicle

  • Battery 2650mAh

System Diagram

Real Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the temperature, humidity, and location information through the app (data cumulated up to a maximum of 25 days)

Expected Effects

A comfortable application environment without the distinction of vehicles

Real-time grasp of the movement status

Products that are sensitive to temperature and shock are easily transportable

Able to be used for a long time without battery worries